Motor Vehicle Accidents

Early access to the right physical therapist decreases long-term costs, unnecessary surgeries, imaging, and medications.

In Oklahoma, thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year. If you’ve ever been one of those folks, you know how tough it can be to hold off on accessing high-quality care while you wait for payment from your insurance company or the insurance company of the at-fault party.

At Redbud, we understand that that you, your auto insurance company, your physician, and your attorney want to work with reputable healthcare providers who specialize in evidence-based treatment and are willing to work with you after your car accident. We never want to turn away a patient who needs care. So we’ve been searching for a resolution that benefits us all.

We’ve established partnerships that manage healthcare payments until your case settles. This means you can seek treatment right away without worrying about the hassle of working with insurance to get paid. We also accept liens, or letters of protection, from your attorney.

We know there’s a lot of insurance jargon to process here, but what we really want you to know is that if you’ve been in an accident and need care, we can help right away – all you’ve got to worry about is getting on the road to recovery (no pun intended!)

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