Dee: Using aquatic therapy to heal lower back pain and get back to her busy life

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The Pain: Dee, age 59, had been dealing with back pain for two years – and it was getting unbearable. She had painful back spasms that would spread from her lower back to her mid back. While her pain was often dull, there were intermittent sharp and shooting pains too.

With this pain, Dee had trouble sleeping, sitting for long periods, rolling in bed, standing, bending, and stooping.

She felt weak and was often fatigued because of the pain. Dee also had a history of multiple lower extremity joint surgeries from osteoarthritis in her ankle, bilateral knees, and bilateral hips.

The Program: After examination, Dee’s personal physical therapist recommended aquatic therapy twice a week, and then progressing to land-based therapy.

The Result: Over 10 weeks, Dee participated in her prescribed program. The severe episodes of back pain and spasms were gone.

She is now able to do the things she loves, like shopping, making quilts, and walking. She has no trouble standing or stooping.

Dee loved the water exercises so much that she plans to continue them on her own at her local pool.

Are you experiencing lower back pain like Dee was? Give us a call so we can figure out how to get you the results Dee enjoys now.

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