5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active When Life Gets Busy

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As a busy mom, I often get asked the question, “How do you stay active while wrestling those monkeys!?”  Okay, they don’t exactly use those same words, but you get the picture.  Staying healthy and active as a woman, wife, mother, and person is key for me to feel good about myself.

Please keep in mind that I am still working (daily) on these five healthy and active tips.  Be a product of the product and live the advice I share, right?  I am on this same healthy living journey as many of you.  These tips are many which you (and I) have heard before.  They are what works.  We just need to do them that is the key.

Five tips on how I stay healthy and active.

1.  Find a group of girlfriends that you can workout with and be active together.  I am currently working out with a group of girlfriends doing a 6 week boot camp style challenge called the Fab5.  We are meeting every Monday morning to workout, be accountable, learn and grow together.  I am looking forward to the growth and change in myself (and my girlfriends) over the next few weeks.

2.  Make a goal and put it on the calendar.  Do you have a goal of completing a 5K?  Running a half marathon?  Losing a certain number pounds?  Put it on the calendar so you can SEE your goal and make a PLAN to reach your goal!

3.  Plan your workouts AND meals.  Having a plan is planning for success.  When you plan your workouts for the week, put them in your planner like you would your doctors appointment (or kids sports schedule).  It is there already, work your day around your workout, and do it!

The same goes for meals.  Plan them.  Grocery shop for the week so when it comes to dinner (or meal) time… you have a plan and food on hand.  No more driving through the drive through or calling for take out.  You have a plan… stick with it.

4. Record your nutrition.  You bite it you write it.  You drink it you ink it.  This is the hardest for me.  You can always premeasure your food, if you feel the need to do so.  If you ball park it even, that method does work.  Be honest with your recordings.  If you eat it, bite it, lick it, drink it, taste it… write it down.  Your body keeps an accurate food journal of what you eat… whether you choose to write it down or not.

5.  Focus on your nutrition.  What goes in your body is super important.  Whether you are living a gluten free lifestyle or not, there are amazing products out there that are good for you and taste great also!

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