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Learn more about Virtual Appointments during COVID-19. Call (866) 866-3893 or click for more information.

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Physical therapists are considered essential critical workforce especially in managing musculoskeletal conditions. If you are suffering aches, acute or chronic pain, strains, or sprains or have had to postpone a scheduled surgery, we can see you without a physician prescription. This reduces the care burden on primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, frees them up to provide needed services to more acute or critical conditions.


In response to COVID-19, we want to reinforce that we take the health and safety of our patients, employees, and community seriously.

Because we take all extra precautions and follow CDC guidelines, our clinics are considered low risk of exposure.


For more information, read our Patient FAQ or visit the CDC website.


Here’s what we are doing to keep you safe.


Virtual Appointments:
We also are offering alternative options – virtually – for continuing or starting rehab for those who must remain at home. If you are in pain or have had to postpone a scheduled surgery, we can help you with pain management and functional strategies. Our board-certified and doctorate-trained physical therapists are available to meet virtually through a HIPAA-compliant online visit that is secure and easy to use. If technology is not your thing, we’ll walk you through it over the phone.


Additionally, some health plans are now covering virtual physical therapy. Click below to learn more

Protected & Prepared

Important Info About the Coronavirus


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: We are following CDC guidelines to assure the protection and safety of our patients and staff. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath and have either traveled internationally in the past two weeks or have had contact with someone who is suspected to have Coronavirus, please call your primary healthcare provider before scheduling an appointment with us. For more information, read our Patient FAQ or visit the CDC website.


Imagine a world where pain isn’t holding you back.

Would you spend more time with your family? Be more successful at work? Exercise more often?

We believe pain doesn’t have to be a fact of everyday life.

When most people think of physical therapists, they think of someone who comes in, manipulates your joints, assigns you a few stretches, and goes on their way.

Here at Redbud, we do things differently.

We Believe In...


Cutting Edge Education

Our therapists all have Masters or Doctoral degrees and go through 3x as much training as competitors. We also educate you so that you understand the problem—and how to stop it from coming back.


Personalized Treatment

We’ll connect you with a dedicated PT committed to understanding your situation. Pick up right where you left off each time, so you can keep moving towards your goals.


Caring Physical Therapists

You’re much more than just a case file to us. We want to hear your story, so we can understand what healing looks like for you.

Facts & Figures

Did You Know?

Chronic Pain


Cause of long-term disability in the US

Persistent Pain


Americans suffer from pain that lasts longer than 3 months

Laws in Oklahoma



Require a referral from a physician for physical therapy


If you could take a few weeks so you can live a lifetime pain-free, would you do it?

Here’s what some of our patients had to say:

Great service, very knowledgeable. I am progressing faster than I thought I would.

five stars James B. Redbud Patient

I love this place. They make getting stronger and physically better incredibly easy. It’s good to enjoy working this hard!

five stars Pat W. Redbud Patient

Redbud is a relaxing environment and a great team. If you must go to therapy – this is a great place to go!

five stars Carolyn C. Redbud Patient

From my initial visit to my very last PT session, everyone at Redbud PT was welcoming, helpful, and professional.

five stars Coy C. Redbud Patient

Redbud has an excellent staff, they know their business and show great concern for their patients.

five stars Barbara K. Redbud Patient

The path to healing might be quicker than you expect.


It IS possible to embrace a life where pain doesn’t get in the way of what really matters.

And we’re here to support you through it.

Real people. Real science. Real results.

Don’t take our word for it. Find out how we’ve helped people just like you get back to their lives with more energy than ever before.

Is it time for your body to support you, instead of holding you back?

Discover for yourself what a pain-free future could look like with a free 15-minute consultation.