Injury Prevention

Our physical therapists treat a variety of conditions daily that range from neck and back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and Achilles tendinitis. Our therapists are also capable of spotting a number of potentially risky symptoms and preventing injuries. 

During a simple consultation, we can detect the following issues:

  • Low Back Pain

    A routine physical therapy exam can detect whether or not you are at risk for suffering an injury and developing low back pain.

  • Total Joint Replacement

    A routine physical therapy exam can identify the early risk factors for developing joint arthritis, the primary cause for joint replacement.

  • Hypertension

    Cardiovascular screening can detect risk factors for hypertension, which allows your therapist to prescribe a safe exercise plan to help minimize your risk.

  • Headaches

    A routine physical therapy exam can identify risk factors that can lead to debilitating headaches.

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

    A routine physical therapy exam can determine your risk for developing shoulder pain leading to a tear in the rotator cuff.

  • Injury From a Fall

    A routine physical therapy exam can detect your risk for falling, and even prevent you from suffering a life threatening injury.

  • ACL Injury

    A routine physical therapy exam can detect your risk of suffering a devastating knee injury.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Physical therapists can test the sensation in your feet to determine the potential for peripheral neuropathy, which can lead to physical abnormalities like clawtoe and bunions.

Free Screen on Us

We offer complimentary screens at all RPT locations. If you’ve been dealing with a nagging injury or persistent pain, don’t wait any longer.

It pays to be proactive, especially where your health is concerned.

At Redbud Physical Therapy, we not only get our patients better quickly and effectively, but also take steps to ensure that any future injuries are avoided.

The path to healing might be quicker than you expect.


Here’s what some of our patients had to say

Great service, very knowledgeable. I am progressing faster than I thought I would.

five stars James B. Redbud Patient

I love this place. They make getting stronger and physically better incredibly easy. It’s good to enjoy working this hard!

five stars Pat W. Redbud Patient

Redbud is a relaxing environment and a great team. If you must go to therapy – this is a great place to go!

five stars Carolyn C. Redbud Patient

From my initial visit to my very last PT session, everyone at Redbud PT was welcoming, helpful, and professional.

five stars Coy C. Redbud Patient

Redbud has an excellent staff, they know their business and show great concern for their patients.

five stars Barbara K. Redbud Patient

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